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Several high altitude diving tables are given below for free and at absolutely no cost.  Altitude dive conversion tables are what most divers think of when planning a high altitude dive.  But there is more to scuba diving at altitude than simply using a dive conversion table.  Before diving at any altitude, a diver needs to get special training and instruction in high altitude diving procedures and tables.  Scuba diving at altitude without training can result (and has resulted) in serious injuries including decompression sickness and death.  This page is not a substitute for high altitude dive training and it
DOES NOT contain all of the information needed to dive safely at altitude.  Instead, this page is designed to assist scuba divers that have already received full instruction in altitude diving procedures by a licensed scuba instructor.

The altitude dive tables below only give depth conversions for and do not account for any pre or post dive altitude ascent.  Therefore, when using these high altitude diving tables, a diver must still use other special altitude procedures when arriving at elevation from a lower altitude as well as special procedures when ascending in altitude after a dive.  These procedures are naturally learned in altitude diving classes.  Altitude procedures will naturally change depending on which Ocean table the diver is using.  Because tables are different, PADI's altitude procedures
for it's Recreational Dive Planner table are naturally different from the procedures for NAUI's dive tables or SSI's modified U.S. Navy table.  Also, the degree of conservatism when diving at altitude also depends on which Ocean table the scuba diver chooses to use and how conservative the diver chooses to dive that particular ocean table at Tahoe.  The altitude dive tables are only as valid as the ocean tables chosen to be converted.  So again, it is critical to receive proper altitude training and certification prior to conducting an altitude scuba dive.  For more information on high altitude diving procedures, be sure to check out the high altitude diving procedures book.

It should be noted that these altitude tables are UNTESTED and are instead based upon recognized altitude conversion formulas and are used at your own risk.

Depth Gauges:
The first step in using altitude dive tables is to determine what type of depth gauge the diver is using since different depth gauges record depth differently.  Tables are given for altitude adjustable depth gauges that read depth in terms of either fresh or salt water, as well as non-altitude adjustable depth gauges.  To determine which type of gauge you have, you need to consult the manual or the manufacturer for your particular depth gauge.  Some digital gauges switch from reading salt water depth to fresh water depth when it recognizes that you are at altitude.

There is a download button below each table that will download them in a pdf format.  For the Lake Tahoe altitude tables, you may find them here.  If you print any of the tables, you may wish to change the "page scaling" to actual size so it is printed smaller and not to fit your whole page.

Nitrox Altitude Diving Tables for all the mixes and altitudes are too numerous to list, but are included in the high altitude diving book.

High Altitude Dive Tables
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High Altitude Diving Tables
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Free High Altitude Diving Table
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